Type 2 Diabetes Cure

We are an instant-gratifying society who wants that magic bullet. Luckily, there is no medication that offers a type 2 diabetes cure. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic issue which can be improved naturally.

Glucose levels spike and remain increased due to many effects within the body. Insulin resistance is when your cells don’t realize insulin is trying to push glucose into the muscle cells to store for energy. Beta cell burnout is when the pancreas is basically tired out and cannot produce insulin or produces so little, it is ineffective. This can be caused due to a metabolic issue or induced by diabetes medication.

Your liver stores glucose for later use. If your liver is unhealthy or you have a fatty liver it may not perform at an optimal level. High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, and for many, weight gain, is another reflection that your metabolism is out of whack.

When you feed your body what it needs, then you can get your metabolism to improve. Think of your car, depending on how well you keep it oiled, gassed and properly cared for will determine how far and how long it will run. The same applies to our bodies. When you feed it, not only to survive, but thrive, you improve your metabolism, so you improve or reverse diabetes, and possibly other chronic disease.

Understanding this disease provides the knowledge that a type 2 diabetes cure is not needed. Lifestyle changes with the consumption of whole fresh foods will help you improve your metabolism and reverse diabetes naturally.

Lifestyle changes are meant to be lifelong. If you treat reversing diabetes as one does with yo-yo dieting, then the result is the same, medication and possibly insulin.

To set the record straight, it takes dedication, commitment, and work to improve and reverse a disease that doesn’t need a cure.