- Phil | FL

“I have been diagnosed with diabetes now for 10 years. As I am now 77 and fly airplanes on a regular basis and have seen the negative long term of diabetes on many people I am very determined to address the condition and do my best to avoid the results of poor A1c management. I try my best to watch the foods I eat (could be more disciplined at times), swim 30 mins plus each day and do some weight lifting (reconvened by Denise) still fight to keep my blood sugar in balance. I contacted Denise and contracted for personal one on one counseling sessions. I found Denise to be a tremendous resource on ALL aspects of diabetes and how it affects the body. With her guidance it gave me a renewed determination to control diabetes and not let diabetes control me. Even though it has been several months since Denise and I met, I still am using the wealth of information I learned from Denise. I am very grateful to Denise for her influence on my lifestyle.”

Airplane pilot renews determination to control diabetes