Nathaniel Baker

*I rarely read anything at one time, this was something I was interested in. recommended yes and beginning the read I knew what I was getting into, but I expected to skip around like I do with most books and get to the point.

The humor and genuine conversation was void of any pretense and not preachy in any way. I felt a true friendship in the authors voice as I read about their journey. without consciously doing it, I began to align my feelings and experiences, not defensively compare. this made it so easy to relate and kept me engaged! I am only left wanting some follow up in other areas like finance, career and love!

I am grateful I bought this short and inspirational book. I will be following up on the website and making some changes immediately. without reservation the youngest and healthiest should have access to this story so they can plan their future and maybe change the world. maybe we should invest less in food science and more in the people who was to bring us back to its original goodness!