“I have been diagnosed with diabetes now for 10 years. As I am now 77 and fly airplanes on a regular basis and have seen the negative long term of diabetes on many people I am very determined to address the condition and do my best to avoid the results of poor A1c management. I try my best to watch the foods I eat (could be more disciplined at times), swim 30 mins plus each day and do some weight lifting (reconvened by Denise) still fight to keep my blood sugar in balance. I contacted Denise and contracted for personal one on one counseling sessions. I found Denise to be a tremendous resource on ALL aspects of diabetes and how it affects the body. With her guidance it gave me a renewed determination to control diabetes and not let diabetes control me. Even though it has been several months since Denise and I met, I still am using the wealth of information I learned from Denise. I am very grateful to Denise for her influence on my lifestyle.”

Airplane pilot renews determination to control diabetes

“My wife found Denise was giving a presentation at the Renaissance Academy and we went. She made so much sense we signed up immediately after the presentation. She provided the guidance, testing suggestions, an overhaul of food choices, cleaned out our kitchen of offending foods, taught me how to eat out again and started me on an adventure that has been incredibly satisfying. My A1C dropped to 4.8 in a few months, glucose dropped dramatically and the fear of having to be on insulin totally evaporated. Most of my doctors up north remain almost in shock at how well her strategy works when one sticks to it. More than 1 year later I am still doing well and cannot praise Denise enough for enabling this to happen to me.”

My doctors are shocked!

“Reduced my A1c from 9.5 to 7.1 using your book. Dr. wanted to put me on insulin but has reconsidered based on my improvement.”

Dr. reconsidered prescribing insulin.

“Denise’s presentation was very well received by our team. She provided extremely valuable information while putting us at ease with her relatable personal stories interjected into the instructional content. I also appreciated Denise’s professionalism, she has great follow through, was prompt and prepared, and delivered exactly what she promised…and more!”

Extremely valuable information while putting us at ease with her relatable personal stories

For those who feel managing diabetes can be overwhelming and an uphill battle, Mrs. Pancyrz has taken a holistic approach, you are given the tools to help you win the battle!

A format which is easily digestible

Wouldn't it be nice to get advice from someone that's already been there? That's what I do every time I'm faced with a serious challenge in life. Somewhere in the book, Ms. Pancyrz writes: "I can't specify enough the importance of monitoring your health. Yes, it takes time and effort." That's what mindfulness is all about. This book is a treasure.

This book is a treasure

I wrote the title of your book on an Rx for a patient. I had to tell him his blood sugar was elevated, but I also told him that he did not have to live with diabetes. He was only 33 years old and the least likely person to be diagnosed with diabetes -- just like you, Denise.

Prescribed My Patient The Virgin Diabetic

I read The Virgin Diabetic three times and lowered my glucose immediately! My fasting was 160-240, now it's between 72-108. The food is great and I'm happy!

My glucose improved immediately!

I am doing amazingly well. I have totally changed my eating habits, and my doctor has already lowered my insulin.

My doctor lowered my insulin!

Denise, thank you so much for the outstanding talk you gave the Guys Group this morning. It was very informative and very impressive, listening to how you worked your way through the diabetes challenge. It helps to be a great speaker, and that you are!

Informative and Very Impressive

"This has helped me to improve my A1c results through recipes. I have lost some weight considering that I'm not heavy to start with. It is easier when we go out to restrict my meals to meat, fish and salads. Denise has been tremendously supportive, patient, caring and a good shoulder to cry on."

Supportive, caring, and a good shoulder to cry on.

*"Before I began to work with Denise I had lost some weight but my blood glucose numbers were not improving. With Denise's help and coaching within two weeks I began to see an immediate weight loss and the blood glucose numbers become much more stable.With her coaching I have gained a new lifestyle that will stay with me the rest of my life. I have recommended Denise on at least two occasion to friends."

Within two weeks I began to see an immediate weight loss and the blood glucose

*“I eliminated neuropathy and lowered my A1c by 2 points in weeks!”
I would recommend Denise! The information I have received will help me lower it even more.

Lowered my A1c by 2 points in weeks!

*Denise writes a candid description of her quest for control over her diabetes. It is an inspiring story for anyone who wishes to avoid being a victim of the conventional medical model and desires individualized care. Denise writes as an advocate for health and compassionate educator. Learn from her experiences to help solve your diabetes!

*The Virgin Diabetic" isn't just another book on diabetes by someone who studied it in school. It was written by a real person who knows exactly how the disease feels. She has been there and back and has beaten it! Armed with the knowledge and determination you can read how she conquered the monster so many others are fighting and is now helping others to win the battle against Diabetes. This is a must read for every diabetic to show you that your decisions do make a difference. You can change your health future.

*Bought this book when it first came out. The title intrigued me being a woman with Diabetes Type II. The book was an easy read and it was great to see someone else frustrated with today's healthcare. I was quiet encouraged by this woman's journey. She changed her lifestyle and managed to get off all medication. The book gave me the courage to change my life style and talk frankly to my physician to change my treatment from a reactive protocol to a proactive protocol. I wish the book contained some of the recipes she used to get off the insulin and pills. I encourage anyone dealing with disease and frustrated to read this book.

Amazon Review, Great story revealing the challenges of disease and how the author beat the odds.

*I rarely read anything at one time, this was something I was interested in. recommended yes and beginning the read I knew what I was getting into, but I expected to skip around like I do with most books and get to the point.

The humor and genuine conversation was void of any pretense and not preachy in any way. I felt a true friendship in the authors voice as I read about their journey. without consciously doing it, I began to align my feelings and experiences, not defensively compare. this made it so easy to relate and kept me engaged! I am only left wanting some follow up in other areas like finance, career and love!

I am grateful I bought this short and inspirational book. I will be following up on the website and making some changes immediately. without reservation the youngest and healthiest should have access to this story so they can plan their future and maybe change the world. maybe we should invest less in food science and more in the people who was to bring us back to its original goodness!