Is This a Reason to Improve Your Diabetes?

I recently wrote about a celebrity who lost his life to diabetes. I’m saddened to say that a young woman at the age of 27 also lost her life to type 1 diabetes. For privacy, I’ll call her KC. KC was not famous, not financially sound, had a difficult life growing up, but had a loving and supportive grandmother who did her best to help KC improve her health.

I’m Not Giving Up Food, Even for Diabetes

Diabetic Food

Do you ever feel so frustrated with type 2 diabetes that you are willing to impair your health for food you love?

I hear diabetics react with the following comments:

“I’m not giving up potatoes and bread. I’m taking my meds”
“I want to enjoy my life, not eat rabbit food”
“I’m not going to let food rule my life”

It’s important to understand why diabetics have these feelings about food. Fear. Yes, fear.

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