Learn how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.

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Virtual Group Coaching Weekly Series

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Finally, a coaching program that works for a lifetime! We will convert the overwhelming “To Do’s” into simple steps that last a lifetime. This is the only program dedicating the time and level of care required to help you achieve your goal. Outcomes can include:

  • Stabilized glucose and reduced spikes
  • Lower A1c
  • Weight loss
  • Medication or insulin reduction or elimination
  • Increased energy...and more

    "Denise's approach in dealing with an ongoing problem with long-range solutions is just what is needed.” –WTW | FL

    "For the first time in five years, I began to lower my A1c." – Diane A. | FL

    "My fasting was 160-240, now it's between 72-108. The food is great and I'm happy!” –Sam W. | IL

    Group Program Outline:

    Learning Period ~ Share Successes ~ Share Challenges ~ Q & A ~ Keep it Fun!

    Please check back for the next training dates

    __Basic Training 6 Weeks ~

  • Learn how and why glucose levels fluctuate
  • Gain insight to stabilizing your glucose levels to lower your A1c naturally
  • Understand the secrets behind your glucose meter to ensure safety and success
  • Clarify what prediabetes is and what you’re never told, the reason why you become medicated
  • Understand type 2 diabetes and why you can reverse the effects naturally
  • How to determine food, beverages, and sweeteners that work for you
  • Determine the difference between the effects of diabetes and aging, this can be pivotal in achieving your health goals
  • You’re never too busy to reverse the effects of diabetes – learn easy work arounds
  • Building activity into your lifestyle, without going to the gym
  • Discussion and Q & A during each session
  • Graduation

    __Advanced Training 9 Weeks ~
    Complete advanced training with an additional 3 weeks of coaching.

  • 6-Week Basic Training Course
  • Diabetes lab tests you need to know and how to interpret your results
  • Don’t sabotage your success during the holidays and social events
  • Don’t throw your favorite recipes away! Learn how to improve them
  • Learn diabetes has affected your ability to limit the absorption of needed vitamins and minerals and how to fix it
  • Discussion and Q & A
  • Advanced Training Graduation

    Basic Training Bonuses (Valued over $100)

    1. Your personalized copy of the Virgin Diabetic
    2. Nutrition package
    3. Food and glucose tracking form
    4. Recipes
    5. Access to discount diabetes supplies
    6. Miss a session? Don’t worry, watch the training video.

    Advanced Training Bonuses (Valued over $200)

    1. Everything in the Basic Training Bonus Package
    2. One free 30-minute private consultation
    UPGRADE OPTION: (Valued over $400)

  • Coach Denise will track your food, beverage and glucose levels
  • Free phone/PC app linked directly to Coach Denise
  • Two 30-minute private consultations

    Seating is limited. For questions: eMail: [email protected] or Call (888) 848-1763


  • Glucose testing is a requirement of this coaching program (for diabetics). Discount supplies will be available for purchase if needed.
  • Complete class instruction and preparation information will be available after registration.
  • Results vary.

    Reverse My Diabetes Boot Camp

    Book Coach Denise to come to your area for a boot camp.

    To set up a boot camp in your area, contact Coach Denise at: or call (888) 848-1763

    Learn to reverse diabetes in a fun and energized group setting. Diabetes training doesn't have to be boring. - It's proven that people learn more in a fun environment because when we laugh, the stress hormone, cortisol, decreases and thus, our short-term memory will improve.

  • Learn what health goals can do to help you achieve success at any age
  • Learn if you need to be medicated to improve your diabetes
  • Understand food labels and why you don't need to count carbs, fat, or calories
  • Tasty, healing recipes that are great for your glucose levels
  • Master the best times to check your glucose and why
  • Walk away with action steps you can put into play immediately to begin reducing glucose levels
    Bonus~ Personalized copy of The Virgin Diabetic

    ...and more!