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No time for coaching or reading huge books on how to reverse diabetes? Then this option is for you!

Webinar Membership Program

My Diabetes Concierge™ Webinar Membership offers two monthly webinars that provide riveting diabetes information.   This is an exclusive club!  Information shared is not being taught anywhere else.

Individually booked webinars start at $39 each.   The Webinar Membership saves you 50% with 2 webinars for the price of 1 each month. 

  • Riveting diabetes information delivered monthly to your membership account.
  • Watch at a time convenient for you and view as often as you like.
  • Never miss a webinar!

Membership Bonuses:
* Denise's 5 Favorite Recipes. Easy to make, tasty, and no one knows they are low glycemic.
* Book a free 30-minute private consultation ($100 Value)

Join Monthly $39.00 (50% savings) Free 14-day trial

My Diabetes Concierge

Webinar Membership

2 monthly webinars of riveting diabetes topics. Information you can't get anywhere else!

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