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The only online coaching program designed around your individual needs.

  • Limited members in Silver & Gold Levels. Waitlist is always available, email:
  • *Prepay your Silver membership at $1,499 to save over 20%!
  • You may cancel anytime, full refund within your first 14 days
  • You may change membership level at any time
  • Referral session is for each completed membership for a minimum of three paid months

Private coaching may not fit your lifestyle. That’s why I believe it’s important that cost should not be a barrier to getting the help you need. My Diabetes Concierge™ is an affordable monthly online membership training program coupled with coaching to help you reverse the effects of diabetes.

Spend an entire year with Coach Denise for weekly step-by-step training to reverse your diabetes!

It takes time to make long-term changes.

  • Food and glucose monitoring by Coach Denise
  • Don't follow someone else's diet plan. Learn how to customize a food plan just for you
    • No carb counting - no dieting! Stop the diet merry-go-round
  • Get Denise's favorite tasty and low glycemic recipes
  • Master the art of dining out and learn hidden ingredients in restaurant food that can sabotage your efforts
  • Learn the lab tests you may be missing out on to help you gain and maintain control
  • Denise helps you prepare for your doctor visits by learning the questions you should be asking
  • Are you aware that food may not be the only reason for your high glucose? Learn the reasons no one tells you about!
  • Herbs and supplements ~ learn alternative options that can help you support your glucose and more
  • Access to discounted diabetes supplies
  • Access to discounted lab testing
  • Receive your private scheduling link to book your 1-on-1 consultation

Not only seeing but feeling your results have a lasting effect.

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What can you accomplish?

  • Lower your A1c and learn how to keep it down
  • Stabilize your glucose
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce or possibly eliminate medication
  • Chronic constipation and diarrhea is common, let's fix that!
  • Increase energy
  • Sleep better
  • Feel better...and more

Who doesn’t want that?
Remember, outcomes are always different for different people. But making major improvement is always better for your long-term health.

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