Start to reverse your diabetes today...
see results in weeks.

Learn this restaurant secret that may sabotage your efforts to reverse diabetes!

Who understands your needs better than another diabetic; or should I say ex-diabetic? Work with a results-oriented coach to teach you how to regain your health through holistic lifestyle changes.

Learn to reverse your diabetes, no matter how chaotic your life is ~

  • Lower your A1c
  • Decrease or eliminate glucose spikes
  • Naturally improve or eliminate neuropathy
  • Decrease or possibly eliminate the need for medication or insulin
  • Increase your energy
  • Lose weight
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Select a coaching style that works for you, In-person or Virtual:

  • Private Coaching ~ you are treated as an individual, not grouped into the "diabetes" bucket
  • Group Coaching ~ Coaching can be customized for your group
  • Family Coaching ~ Are you raising a future diabetic? We work past your DNA.
  • Online Coaching ~ Learn on your own time and your own pace
  • Seminars/Webinars ~ a great way to gain insight and learn through in-person seminars or webinars on your PC, iPad, or phone


  • Concentrate on tasty, healing foods
  • Identify external factors contributing to elevated glucose levels
  • Learn the lab tests you might be missing
  • Master the art of dining out and attending social events. Learn the hidden ingredients in restaurant food.
  • Food and glucose monitoring by Coach Denise
  • Learn how to listen to what your body is telling you to keep diabetes away long term.
  • No carb counting - no dieting! Stop the diet merry-go-round and learn how to make lasting lifestyle adjustments.

What do I need to do to start coaching?

  • This is not a diet program, be committed, and ready to do some work.
  • Commit to testing your glucose before and after meals and possibly spot checks at other times during the day. (This is temporary.)
  • Open communication with your coach, the good, and the not so good!
  • Change your thought process. Start thinking about improving your health versus managing diabetes.
  • Be ready to set goals and learn how to reach them.
  • Contact Denise by booking your first consult:

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Coaching Session

Schedule an appointment as needed. Be prepared to make the most of our time together.
Discussion suggestions:

  • Reversing vs. managing diabetes
  • How to reduce glucose spikes
  • How to improve your A1c
  • How to set up a successful kitchen
  • Grocery shopping, more than shopping the perimeter
  • Dining out without sabotaging your efforts
  • Understand your diabetes lab results
  • Any diabetes questions

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Upgrade any hourly service to a Reverse My Diabetes VIP Coaching Program

Reverse My Diabetes VIP Coaching Programs:
  • Restart Your Life - One full year of weekly one-on-one coaching.
  • Transformation Plus - 16 weeks of weekly one-on-one coaching.
  • Transformation - 12 weeks of weekly one-on-one coaching.
  • Evolution - 8 weeks of weekly one-on-one coaching.

When you become a VIP member:

  • Customized diabetes and holistic lifestyle coaching for long-term results
  • Coach monitors your daily food, glucose, and insulin
  • Full access to Coach - email, call text, book extra consults as needed
  • Prep for your doctor appointments
  • Recipes to assist in your transition
  • Consult notes
  • A personalized copy of The Virgin Diabetic
  • Nutrition Package

Limited on time?
Turbo Charge Day with Denise - You can spend an entire day with Denise to learn what it takes to reverse the effects of diabetes. Receive an autographed copy of "The Virgin Diabetic."

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