Reverse Diabetes Naturally

The key to success is to think nutrition with whole fresh foods, not from a food label. Counting carbs, fat or points is not a lifestyle, it’s a program. Trade in packaged and frozen meals for vegetables, leafy greens and limit your fruit consumption, as it contains sugar. Small amounts of whole grains such as quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, and sweet potato can be a good replacement for white potatoes (French fries) and white rice.

It takes dedication with a winning attitude, but I won’t kid you, it does take some work. To start, I suggest you set up your health goals. Target an acceptable A1c, weight, activity level and good stress management. Is it your goal to reduce or eliminate medication or insulin?

This is not a race. It’s more important to create a solid foundation to reverse diabetes naturally than how quickly you do it. The steps to success should be considered for a lifetime, not as a temporary means to a quick fix.

Reversing diabetes naturally does not mean one should stop all medication abruptly. Working with a qualified health provider or diabetes coach is recommended to ensure safe changes.