Reverse Diabetes Diet

I greatly dislike the term ‘diet.’ My aunt Dorothy used to say she would start her diet on Monday. While our family chuckled, it is indicative of how our society approaches nutrition.

When we hear the word ‘diet,’ the first problem that comes to mind is, “The very food I love, has to be eliminated.” I think this is why Aunt Dorothy always looked to Monday to start anew. She was tired of missing her favorite foods.

Focusing on a diet can align us with yo-yo diets as we want immediate results. One may be tempted to try medication, diet pills or supplements since diabetics are told to lose weight.

Rather than thinking diet, think nutrition. Consuming food that helps stabilize glucose levels is a good start. Minimize or even avoid food and beverage that uncontrollably spike your glucose.

In the short term, food and beverages that use chemical-based sweeteners and flavorings, may not spike your glucose. However, over time, too many chemical-based (processed) foods can negatively impact your metabolism.

Nourish your body every day with whole fresh foods, spices, herbs and plenty of water rather than looking for a diet that reverses diabetes.