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The current way of managing diabetes isn't working. "The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size." -Albert Einstein.

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ADW Diabetes®

Order discounted diabetic supplies. For most of the products at ADW Diabetes® such as glucose meters, diabetic test strips, glucose lancets and other OTC items you will not need physician's order. Use discount code Denise10 for an additional 10% off of your entire order.

Phone: (877) 241-9002

Patient Best® ADVOCATES

Patient Best®, LLC is a nationally recognized Patient Advocate Service for those who are confused and frustrated by our Healthcare system. Patient Best® Advocates know the secrets, surprises, and side effects of complicated healthcare systems, insurance denials, wrong diagnosis, billing mistakes, hospital infections, unavailable doctors, and much more.

  • Call for your free 30-minute consultation
  • Hire a Patient Best® Advocate to guide you and your family with answers and clarity
  • Or, Become a Patient Best® Advocate. Join the ranks of the most successful and fastest growing profession in 2018!

Phone: Suzanne at (800) 914-1625

Van Wagner Chiropractic

Jared Van Wagner, DC | Naples, FL
While most patients find us because they are in pain, chiropractic is a lifestyle as well. We hope you realize the numerous benenfits of chiropractic and make it part of your wellness regimen. Just like exercising and eating well, you have to make it part of your regular life to get the most out of it.

Phone: (239) 775-6416


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