Frequently Asked Questions

I have a family member who is not diabetic but needs to lose weight. Is your coaching program able to help both of us?

Absolutely. Actually, I love working with families. It's the best way to reach your goals when those around you understand the changes you need to make. I like to keep things easy. The principles are the same. A healthy family is a happy family.

Giving up my favorite food is tough! Everyone says to treat yourself, is it OK to do that?

There are many perspectives to this question. Many physicians, nutritionists and diabetes educators suggest to treat yourself to avoid binging on high glycemic foods. Feedback tells me that most diabetics are upset when seeing their glucose spike too high after working hard to improve their glucose levels. Many realize that it keeps glucose levels higher for a day or two after. My question to you, “How do you feel after you have treated yourself? Is it worth it to you?”

I’m getting frustrated when dining out. I have a healthy meal and my glucose still spikes. I’m having doubts that I’ll ever improve or reverse my diabetes.

It’s very difficult to control how food is prepared outside of your home. Don’t assume your food has unnecessary carbohydrates. Ask the wait staff how your food is prepared (with or without flour, deep fried, etc.). Even salads can have hidden ingredients. Check the restaurant’s nutritional chart; many are posted online. You may be shocked at what you learn!

I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for over 15 years, my doctors say I can never stop the insulin. Is it possible to stop insulin after so many years?

It is difficult to say as results vary by individual. At a minimum, many have greatly reduced the amount of insulin needed. Response from my clients have indicated their excitement of drastically reducing the amount of insulin needed and reduced HbA1c.

I read information on the Internet saying I can reverse diabetes in 30 days, is it really true?

For many, this is true. The human body is amazing! Many people see dramatic results in just weeks. It’s important to keep in mind that reversing the effects of diabetes is a lifelong process; not a crash diet. Going back to food and beverages that helped push you into diabetes can return you to diabetes.

Many of my family members have type 2 diabetes, can I do anything to avoid it?

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Because many families keep to a similar lifestyle, the disease advances to its members. It is possible to avoid diabetes as long as you follow the right lifestyle. A lifestyle that incorporates whole fresh foods, exercise and plenty of rest can help you dodge diabetes.