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Can Common Symptoms Be a Sign of Type 2 Diabetes?

Confused about symptoms of diabetes?

Symptoms are signs. Do you pay attention or ignore them?

Symptom, a physical or mental feature which is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient. Have you noticed any of the following symptoms?

• Fatigue, frequently tired or have that foggy feeling
• Difficulty maintaining a healthy weight
• Broken sleep having to urinate too often
• Vision changes such as floaters, blurred vision, dark or empty spots

Diabetes and Depression

Depression and Diabetes Do Not Have to Go Hand-in-Hand

People with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to have depression than people without diabetes. Unfortunately, only 25% to 50% of diabetes patients who have depression get diagnosed and treated.[1]

Getting a diabetes diagnosis can be like a roller coaster ride. Consistent glucose levels can be difficult to achieve especially when prescribed insulin. Depression and anxiety may be likely.


Move to Improve Type 2 Diabetes

Have you been feeling stuck and sitting all day as we are housebound due to the coronavirus or working from home during this time?
What about life before the coronavirus, possibly due to your job? Maybe you retired, and your schedule has changed with life slowing down. Maybe you are in school, or, both – work and school. Do you have limited mobility due to health reasons?

What do you do if your job requires you to sit all day? First, ask yourself, is it the job or is it you? Do you bypass breaks? Do you have lunch at your desk because your job is so demanding?


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