Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

To cure type 2 diabetes naturally is a balancing act, it’s not a race. Always review your medication and goals with your physician or diabetes coach.

Take the time to track what you eat and when you eat. My diabetes reversal coaching packages include a food and glucose tracking app so I can readily monitor, tweak and support everyone. If you are old-school, get a small notepad and just log your information.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

You may frequently hear people reversing type 2 diabetes without medication. How is it they can do it and you seem to struggle long term? First, be honest with yourself.

• Are you not taking medication because you are in a “monitoring stage” and have not been prescribed?
• You don’t want to take prescribed medication, however, your high glucose levels tell your doctor another story?
• Are you considering discontinuing your medication for reversing type 2 diabetes without medication?

Do You Believe in Glucose Self-Monitoring?

JAMA Internal Medicine published information for a trial conducted between 2014 and 2015. The question, is self-monitoring blood glucose levels effective for people with non–insulin-treated type 2 diabetes in improving either A1c levels or health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in primary care practice?

Is This a Reason to Improve Your Diabetes?

I recently wrote about a celebrity who lost his life to diabetes. I’m saddened to say that a young woman at the age of 27 also lost her life to type 1 diabetes. For privacy, I’ll call her KC. KC was not famous, not financially sound, had a difficult life growing up, but had a loving and supportive grandmother who did her best to help KC improve her health.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes patients should always check their feet

We don’t talk enough about our feet. For a diabetic, this is especially needed. My uncle lost his leg to diabetes as well as many others I know. I also know many with diabetic neuropathy, which can be improved or eliminated with proper lifestyle changes.

My good friend, Dr. Wilma Hunt-Watts is a podiatric physician. She is all too familiar with foot care and diabetes. You may have heard Dr. Hunt-Watts on Sirius XM radio, spreading the word on foot care. Dr. Hunt-Watts is a surgeon, has cared for our veterans and works in telemedicine.


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