Feeling Itchy?

If you have itchy skin did you know it could be due to your diabetes, the medication you are taking, or possibly from food? It’s time to take care of it. Scratching may feel good for the first few seconds. Breaking your skin can leave you susceptible for infection. With consistently high glucose levels, you may not heal properly.
It’s time to find out what is causing this issue.

Do This to Lower Your Glucose Even Without Health Insurance

There are hundreds if not thousands of articles on health insurance and its impact on patient care. After reading an article about diabetes care being delayed due to high insurance deductibles, I realized no one hones in on the need for lifestyle changes. Everyone is too busy pointing their finger at someone else for a lack of understanding proper diabetes care. Lifestyle changes are the crux of great diabetes care.

How’s Your A1c in 2017?

Vegetables for breakfast?

As January 2017 comes to a close, have you kept your New Year’s resolution to improve your A1c? If you have, kudos to you! Keep up the good work, it’s well worth it.

If not, what has stopped your efforts? Does it seem too hard? Need to stick to a schedule? Don’t have the patience? Whatever your challenge, I’m hear to remind you, it’s worth the effort.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day is almost here!
For most of us, it’s a wonderful time of year.
We get to spend time with those we love; hopefully mend a few fences along the way.
Cherish this time and keep the bad at bay.
I’d like to have a moment of silence and pray for those in need.
Wishing everyone a better life, indeed!
Be safe, eat healthy, as much as possible.
From my home to yours, Merry Christmas!


"Jake loves hanging by the Christmas Tree."


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