Supplements During Flu Season for Diabetes Patients

Glucose levels can go haywire when a diabetic is ill, even if it is just a cold or the flu. The flu season is on the attack. How does a diabetic, or anyone for that matter, protect themselves?

One way is to supplement with NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). L-Cysteine is an amino acid, which is a building block of protein. As a supplement, we take a take it in a form of N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. The body turns this into cysteine, then into glutathione. Glutathione is a power antioxidant.

Berberine Supplement to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

reverse type 2 diabetes alternative

Berberine may be worth looking at as a viable alternative in reversing type 2 diabetes, however, you decide for yourself.

Berberine is one of the few supplements that has some research behind it. In a three-month trial, significant decreases in A1c, fasting blood glucose, and postprandial (post-meal) blood glucose was realized. Hemoglobin A1c was reduced from 9.5% to 7.5%. [1]

Measure Your Diabetes Resolution Power

Happy New Year!

It’s common to set business and career goals each year. While setting your goals for 2018, consider setting your health goals. Why not start with a goal to stop the progression or to reverse type 2 diabetes?

What do you expect at your next doctor’s visit? Are you expecting your A1c to be lower or higher since your last test? Are you expecting your diabetes medication dosage to be lowered or increased, or worse yet adding another medication to your daily regime? Will you be surprised if the results are not what you are wishing for?

Celebrating Diabetes During the Holidays

Celebrate Diabetes

Yes, I state the title correctly. No, I did not intend to write, “Celebrating the Holidays with Diabetes.”

Taking proper steps to improve your health has something to do with your perception. Getting through the holidays and not gaining weight is hard for millions of Americans. Not only is weight gain an issue for diabetes patients so is maintaining healthy glucose levels.


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