Is Butter the Real Killer?

Is butter better?

For years, butter has been a huge “no, no” with replacements of margarine, half butter half margarine products, and other replacement spreads. Articles are now popping up that butter may not be as unhealthy as we have been told.

Information such as this is frustrating and confusing for consumers. Doctors, nutritionists, food companies, and news reports have been pounding information into us that butter should be taken out of our diets. This has been a similar controversy with eggs and coffee.

I’m Diabetic and I’m Treating Myself Today!

I’m Diabetic and I’m Treating Myself Today!

Being diabetic can be a laborious task. The famous comment I hear is, “I’m treating myself today!”

Physicians may tell you it’s “OK” to treat yourself, your friends and family believe you should treat yourself too. How often should you treat yourself? There are no rules, no guidelines; just that you should have a right to do it. What does it mean to actually treat yourself? I’m sure it’s a little different for everyone.

Who is Responsible for our Health Care?

Health Care

An article in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune caught my eye, “Where do candidates stand on health care?”, which seems to offer a few good points Americans should consider. There is quite a debate over the Affordable Care Act. No one knows how long it can take for any change to come, if it ever will, or if the change will actually be what Americans need.

Insulin Dosing, a Math Nightmare

Insulin Dosing, a Math Nightmare

The more I work with clients who use insulin, the more I see there is a lack of understanding on how to properly use insulin. Without proper insulin management, you either use too much or too little. Using too much is dangerous which can cause hypoglycemia. When using too little, you wonder why your glucose levels are still high. Or, some days your glucose level is unexplainable. Misunderstanding how to manage insulin adds to the roller coaster effect.


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