Bariatric Surgery, the New Diabetes Standard Treatment

Articles are popping up again that bariatric surgery can be a good alternative for type 2 diabetics. posted an article on May 25, 2016, that doctors are now recommending surgery instead of drugs for type 2 diabetics. This radical line of thinking is apparently endorsed by 45 professional societies worldwide. Bariatric surgery is to be considered a standard treatment option for appropriate candidates. [1]

Diabetes Med Causes Amputation

The Ft. Worth Legal Examiner has reported today that diabetes drug, Invokana (canagliflozin), is linked to leg amputations. Invokana is designed to prevent hyperglycemia (high blood-sugar levels) by allowing the kidneys to remove excess blood sugar through the urine.[1] Invokana has only been on the market since 2013 and creating havoc with people’s lives.

Prolonged Sitting is a Problem for Type 2 Diabetics

We all need to work for a living and those of us with jobs that require sitting all day is hazardous to our health. Many corporations share information with employees to move throughout the work day. So I suggest you take them up on their offer!

It’s a win-win. You keep your health in check and the company has reduced sick time. According to the World Health Organization, globally, one in ten adults has diabetes; most with type 2 diabetes which tends to be due to lifestyle.


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