I’m Not Giving Up Food, Even for Diabetes

Diabetic Food

Do you ever feel so frustrated with type 2 diabetes that you are willing to impair your health for food you love?

I hear diabetics react with the following comments:

“I’m not giving up potatoes and bread. I’m taking my meds”
“I want to enjoy my life, not eat rabbit food”
“I’m not going to let food rule my life”

It’s important to understand why diabetics have these feelings about food. Fear. Yes, fear.

Sugar or Sugar-Free? That is the Question

I have been on my soapbox for years warning that sugar-free beverages are not good for our health; even if our glucose levels are not immediately impacted. Warnings have been ignored by too many for too long.

The latest article posted by ShareCare indicates a correlation between diet sodas with ischemic stroke and dementia. Unfortunately, the FDA, World Health Organization, and European Food Safety Authority indicate sugar-free, chemical-type sweeteners are safe for consumption.

Invokana, For Better or Worse?

Do you know how your diabetes drug works and the side effects? Do you believe since your doctor prescribed your medication, it must be perfectly safe? I pray you change your perspective.
There is a class action lawsuit for Invokana. I think it’s time for us to understand the drugs we are prescribed and understand the side effects. During a 2013 Congressional testimony, Dr. Sydney Wolfe of Public Citizen, a prominent consumer watchdog group, argued that the possible risks of Invokana outweighed its potential benefits and said that the drug should not be approved.


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