Sugar or Sugar-Free? That is the Question

I have been on my soapbox for years warning that sugar-free beverages are not good for our health; even if our glucose levels are not immediately impacted. Warnings have been ignored by too many for too long.

The latest article posted by ShareCare indicates a correlation between diet sodas with ischemic stroke and dementia. Unfortunately, the FDA, World Health Organization, and European Food Safety Authority indicate sugar-free, chemical-type sweeteners are safe for consumption.

I ask you to decide for yourself.

How can sugar-free beverages impact glucose levels? Don’t we just have to worry about sugared drinks? Sugar-free beverages were created to help us reduce glycemic levels and weight, right?

Wrong. These beverages were created to keep the public purchasing products. Because of the high increase of diabetes and obesity, manufacturers were looking to their bottom line. Any business is interested in that. Do you want to impact your health for someone else’s bottom line?

There is a connection with chronic disease as our world has increased the pace of “manufactured” beverages. If we don’t think about sugar-free beverages being harmful to our health, we should. There is nothing more precious than our health.

According to a 2017 study, those who drank a least one diet soda per day were approximately three-times more likely to experience an ischemic stroke caused by a blockage of blood vessels supplying brain tissue and higher rates of dementia compared to those who avoid diet beverages. Look for my next article on Type 3 Diabetes and Alzheimers.

While other risk factors were linked such as obesity and diabetes, the gap is closing on our fast-paced, fast-food lifestyle that may be negatively impacting our health. Don't let great marketing rule your beverage choice.

Instead of grabbing that diet drink, choose water. I get it, water seems so boring. In the U.S. we are fortunate have access to clean water. Add lemon, lime, or cucumber to your water or make a green smoothie to replace your sugar-free beverage.

I challenge you to stop diet drinks for 30 days. See how you feel, check your weight, check your glucose, see if food tastes better. I’d love to hear about your results!
Post on my FB page or email me at Try one of my smoothies!

Cinnamon Smoothie
Handful of Kale (organic)
Handful of Spinach (organic)
Cinnamon to taste
½ Granny Smith apple (organic)
Lemon slice

Add all ingredients (except lemon) in a blender/Nutri-bullet/Ninja/ individual size cup, or other similar processor.
Squeeze in lemon. Push the Start button and liquefy!

NOTE: Adjust amount of all ingredients to taste. Smoothies can be nutritious or a carb-overload beverage. Many smoothie recipes have too much sugar, even with fresh fruit.