Reverse Diabetes Naturally, It Takes Small Steps

The first key to reverse diabetes naturally is your desire to improve your health. Know that lifestyle changes are needed. Also know that most people make it harder than it really is. Just take the first step, there’s no perfection required. I’ve said this many times, “it’s not a race.”

The importance is that you make lifetime changes. Quick fixes are just that, and they don’t last because a true commitment has not been made.

If skipping breakfast is an issue, start small. You don’t need a huge breakfast to start your day. If you tend to skip lunch because you’re too busy to stop and eat, pack a light lunch.

Don’t like to cook? Make smart choices when dining out. Refuse the bread basket. Soups are high in sodium and carbohydrates. Swap white rice or potato for another veggie or small side salad.

Beverage selection is important. Ditch the regular and diet sodas. Drink plenty of water.

Being mindful during the week is not a license to let go every weekend. Diabetes doesn’t care what day of the week it is. As soon as you consume food or beverages that spike your glucose, it has a negative effect. With type 2 diabetes, your metabolism cannot restore a healthy glucose level in a timely manner.

Each time your glucose levels remain elevated, it can impact your circulation, eyes, kidneys, liver and heart. It’s time to decide how important your health is and to prioritize your life. There are so many great foods that are healthy and easy on your glucose levels that you can still enjoy life. There are some great recipes at Remember, to reverse diabetes naturally, start with small steps.