November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Imagine being diagnosed with a disease where…

  • You lost your eyesight, can no longer see your loved ones, or no longer do your job
  • It’s difficult to stand or walk due to missing toes, foot or even a leg
  • You are missing out on the activities that bring you pleasure due to obesity
  • You spend 3 days each week at kidney dialysis
  • You must fight against additional health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, other chronic disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease all at once
  • Popping a plethora of pills each day and possibly shots at each meal which can come with debilitating side effects

If you had the chance to avoid a disease of this nature, would you do what it takes?

If you are diagnosed with the 7th leading cause of death, would you take steps to reverse it and restore your health?

It saddens me that a disease of this nature, Diabetes, is so misunderstood and underrated.

The latest statistics show the number of diabetes patients has increased to over 30.3 million in the U.S. The number of diabetes-related amputations has increased from 73 thousand to 108 thousand, annually. I hear diabetes patients say they are more fearful of the steps it takes to avoid and reverse diabetes than the effects of the disease itself. Steps that are far easier and non-toxic when compared to chemotherapy and radiation for cancer patients.

The effects of diabetes are real. My father died at the age of 60 from diabetes which led to heart disease, my uncle lost his leg to diabetes. Both were very needless outcomes. At the age of 21, my sister, Dana, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Due to the treatment process, she became diabetic. Sadly, Dana could not sustain her fight against these two deadly diseases.

Over 7.2 million people remain undiagnosed with diabetes. If you, someone you know, someone you care about may be diabetic, kindly suggest they call their doctor to get tested. This disease has deadly effects. Luckily, the treatment process for diabetes doesn’t have to be. Even better than treatment, type 2 diabetes and prediabetes can be reversed. Reach out for help, it’s only a phone call away.