Measure Your Diabetes Resolution Power

Happy New Year!

It’s common to set business and career goals each year. While setting your goals for 2018, consider setting your health goals. Why not start with a goal to stop the progression or to reverse type 2 diabetes?

What do you expect at your next doctor’s visit? Are you expecting your A1c to be lower or higher since your last test? Are you expecting your diabetes medication dosage to be lowered or increased, or worse yet adding another medication to your daily regime? Will you be surprised if the results are not what you are wishing for?

Stop wishing. Set your health goals and take action. It’s important to decide what your health goals are, not what other people want them to be; otherwise, you may not be successful.

  • Decide how you feel about your medication or insulin. Do you want to eventually eliminate or at least reduce?
  • Determine how motivated you are in changing how you eat.
  • Determine how interested you are in adding or increasing activity into your day.
  • Think about if you are willing to prioritize the time it may take to make lifestyle adjustments.
  • While the advice of your loved ones may need some tweaking, are you ready to drop that wall and welcome their help in reversing your diabetes? It takes a team to get it done.
  • Ready to set a start date?

The first step is understanding what diabetes does to your health and your life.
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