Forget You Have Diabetes and Enjoy Your Holidays

Tired of managing your diabetes? There are days that I feel that way, too. The holidays add an extra challenge to “be good.”

In November’s article I shared three ways to reduce stress during the holiday season whether you have diabetes or not. Today, I am suggesting you forget you have diabetes on the holiday.

Is that a sigh of relief I hear?

Go ahead, savor the flavor of your favorite foods!

Overeating is at its peak during the holidays. If you want that gingerbread cookie or Red Velvet Cake, or maybe stuffing or mashed potatoes, then take that cookie or sliver of cake. Take a couple of tablespoons of stuffing or potatoes.

Have a single serving of food and dessert – eat slowly – enjoy chatting with family and friends at the dining table. Step away when you are 80% full.

Think about your overall health rather than your diabetes on your holiday. Consider the amount of food you really need in order to enjoy yourself. Trying to lose those unwanted pounds after the holidays can be frustrating. Avoiding this from happening will help to keep your glucose levels lower, keep off that extra weight, and keep your energy levels up.

Create a freeing experience by considering your overall health versus managing diabetes. Make it your choice to take steps for your overall health rather than feeling guilty when you have some of your favorite foods for a day.

From our home, to yours, have a healthy and happy holiday season!