Five Steps to Start Reversing Diabetes

Does it seem too overwhelming to reverse or stop type 2 diabetes? Is your doctor hesitant to reduce or eliminate your medication even when you promise to do better?

Getting frustrated only makes things worse. It can lead us to give up too soon. You didn’t get diabetes overnight, so don’t expect to fix it overnight.

Think of the following steps as part of your journey to improved health. These are not the only steps but are the basic steps to start. Each step is intertwined with the next for a bigger and better outcome over time.

  1. Eliminate fast food – including those seemingly healthy picks like chicken & salads – they are high in sodium and other unknown ingredients due to processing. Limit any restaurant-type foods and beverages…sorry to say, ditch those fancy coffees and energy drinks.

  2. Cleanse your kitchen! Foods that come in a bag, box or can ~ throw them out now! Set your foundation for success. Foods like dried beans are of course, fine. Canned soups, crackers, pretzels, cookies -- we all know bread is a no-no. Even your breakfast cereal should go!

  3. Communicate your health goals. Communicate to family, friends and your doctor. It’s teamwork to reverse your diabetes. This is the signal for those around you to take you seriously.

  4. Of course, exercise is great. Walking is a good start. Try to get in light weight training, it’s great for insulin resistance. The body was not designed to be a couch potato— move!

  5. Think nutrition ~ diabetes diets don’t work! We know diets do not work long term. Diets make us think of being restricted from our favorite foods. Flip the switch to think about good nutrition. Whole foods that provide us the nutrients we need. Remove yourself from the carb-overload era we live in today and let your body start to heal now ~ amazing things will happen!

To this day, I follow these five steps. I no longer think of them in steps as they are part of my lifestyle. Over time, you can do the same.