Coronavirus and Diabetes

Coronavirus is here, and we have to deal with it appropriately. If you or a loved one has diabetes and/or heart disease extra steps should be taken remain healthy. Be safe, don't panic, be cautious, be informed.

Thousands die from the influenza annually. I believe it’s prudent to consider the following information during each flu, virus, and cold season.

Do not rely on social media for your information. I’m providing the link to the CDC where there is a lot of information on what we can do to stay healthy. If you have not checked out the CDC’s website on corona virus, please do: CDC Coronavirus 19.

Coronavirus versus influenza. With the coronavirus (COVID-19), no one has built up an immunity as many do with the flu. Watch this video by Dr. Eric Berg who does a good job comparing the flu to the coronavirus. Coronavirus vs. influenza /Dr. Eric Berg.

Attitude is everything! I’m a big believer we can make lemonade out of lemons. Life has been so busy and hectic for many. People are continually stressed. We don’t eat well or sleep well. We are riddled in the U.S. with chronic disease like diabetes. This is our opportunity to make some conscious decisions to evaluate and make healthy changes. Working to improve your immune system all year long will always give you a leg up when colds and viruses are around us so we can stave off or lessen the length of time and symptoms.

If you are a natural born worrier, I suggest writing down what actually worries you about this virus. Then obtain information from reliable resources.

I understand that we are getting stressed by seeing empty store shelves. I really wish we could take a breath and leave some toilet paper, so everyone gets some. I saw this post on Facebook.