Change the Menu, Change Your Life!

Changing eating habits is harder than quitting smoking. Why? Because we need food to survive. Without it, we die.

The good side of food is nutrition, social, savory, comfort, healing.

The bad side of food is nutrition, social, savory, comfort. To clarify:

  • Nutrition versus lack of nutrition. Processed foods can contain empty calories, spike your glucose, cause allergies, increase your cholesterol, cause digestive issues, headaches, arthritis, skin, and other health issues.
  • Social. Food is a celebration. Holiday meals can be the worst time for a diabetic with carb overload meals.
  • Savory. Food can taste soooo good! It’s like a dance inside your mouth.
  • Comfort. Food can comfort us when we feel bad, depressed, in the cold winter months, and help us through a bad relationship. It’s a way to deal with monsters that seem to attack us.
  • Healing. With the right food, whole fresh food, we can heal. Heal from diabetes, allergies, headaches, arthritis, skin, digestive and other health issues.

Change your life by changing the menu. Swap out the high carb, non-nutritious food items for something you like and is healthier. I like to find ways to get greens into my breakfast. This helps me achieve about 10 servings of veggies and fruit each day. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

This egg white omelet is normally paired with hash brown potatoes and toast. I requested the whole egg, no toast, and swapped greens for the hash browns. Requesting food that a restaurant already has in the kitchen can make for an easy swap. Restaurants have stepped up their game by trying to meet our health requests. Reversing diabetes starts in the kitchen!

I was able to turn around my glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, and digestive issues and eliminate all medication and insulin. It’s not a miracle, changing your menu can change your life.

Find more food swap ideas in my book, The Virgin Diabetic, Reverse the Effects of Type 2 Diabetes, Reduce Medication, and Improve Your Glucose Levels.

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