Can Food Really Be Your Type 2 Diabetes Cure?

“Let food be they medicine, and medicine be they food,” (Hippocrates) no truer words were ever spoken. This may sound strange since it seems it’s food that got most of us into trouble with obesity, type 2 diabetes, migraines, joint paint and other chronic diseases.

Convenience (processed foods) have proven to be unhealthy when consumed regularly. If your doctor told you that you could reverse cancer by changing your food, get in some exercise so you can avoid chemotherapy or radiation, would you do it? Are you willing to do that to reverse type diabetes?

Let’s start our type 2 diabetes cure with an important note, “Please, don’t skip meals, yet.” Give your body the nutrition it needs to start the healing process. Breakfast seems to be the hardest meal for most. It’s especially hard when it’s suggested you ditch cereal, waffles, pancakes – all those high glucose foods. It makes me remember the days I used to eat cold pizza for breakfast, there was nothing better!

I turned all that in for a healthy start to my day. It may be a tasty vegan-based protein shake (chemical-free) with greens and berries, 1/4 cup of oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, or a hardboiled egg and a green smoothie. These are options that taste good and are easy on your metabolism -- no big glucose spikes.

Think about quality food. For example, 100% grass-fed beef provides more omega-3s than conventional. If you can include organic vegetables in your shopping trip, I suggest doing so. A good shopping app from is the Dirty Dozen. Download on your phone to see which fresh food to buy organic based on the type and amount of pesticides that are used in conventional farming.

Have a small steak, chicken, or fish, add a salad and your favorite veggies. During this healing process, skip white rice, potatoes, bread and crackers, cream soups, and fried foods. There are many plant-based foods that you can add to your meals each day such as a small sweet potato, ¼ cup of beans, brown rice, quinoa, roasted or grilled vegetables. Start with your favorite vegetables. Get creative!

Are you ready to start your type 2 diabetes cure today?

Wishing you the best of health!