3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Enjoy the Holidays with Diabetes

Grain-Free Lemon Biscotti

I love the holiday season. People taking notice of each other and taking time to work together to get things done. Making meals together, shopping together and just spending quality time together.

Yet, there are stressors that come with all that holiday joy. How we not only handle it, but plan for it can determine our success to keeping our glucose levels in check.

The following suggestions work whether you have diabetes or not. People put on most of their annual weight during the holiday season. Here are three suggestions to keep your glucose in check as well as your weight.

  1. Start your day with a healthy and energizing breakfast. Piling on the carbs early, thinking you will work them off, may not be the best strategy. Get away from the idea breakfast can only be with “breakfast foods.” Premade breakfast foods contain a lot of sugar and carbs. This leads to more fatigue as the day wears on. A good protein shake (watch out for those chemical sweeteners) or a veggie quiche is only a couple of ideas to get you started.
  2. You may find that you are eating out more or stopping to grab a quick bite, so you can get on with your busy holiday schedule. Pack some healthy snacks in a lunch-size cooler: nuts, raw veggies, an apple, and packaged olives are just a few ideas. Try to avoid protein bars. This will help keep you from going hungry and keep your glucose levels on track.
  3. Plan your dining experience. With so many outings for lunch and dinner, plan in advance to select restaurants where you can be easily accommodated with a low glycemic meal. Swap those potatoes or rice for an extra veggie. Skip the bread. If you must have dessert, just share so you only take a couple of forkfuls.

These three simple steps will help get you through the holidays and lessen your weight reduction goal for 2019!

If you would like my Lemon Biscotti recipe to make for the holidays, download at Lemon Biscotti Recipe. This recipe shares all the goodness of its nutrients. No carb counting, no calorie counting. You don’t have to have diabetes to enjoy this grain-free treat. This recipe is only available until Dec 31st. Let me know how it works out!