Surviving Hurricane Irma as a Diabetic

How does a diabetic prepare when a natural disaster is about to hit? Luckily, I had the ability to evacuate before Hurricane Irma hit Florida. It takes some thoughtful planning, but it can be done.

We are advised to keep water and non-perishable items on hand for a minimum of three days. In the case of Irma, many areas were without power and running water for a longer period of time. Gas stations were far and few between, so if you didn’t fill your gas tank before Irma hit, you could find yourself stranded.

Here is a list of ideas to consider:

Is This a Reason to Improve Your Diabetes?

I recently wrote about a celebrity who lost his life to diabetes. I’m saddened to say that a young woman at the age of 27 also lost her life to type 1 diabetes. For privacy, I’ll call her KC. KC was not famous, not financially sound, had a difficult life growing up, but had a loving and supportive grandmother who did her best to help KC improve her health.

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