Are You Raising a Future Diabetic?

Without realizing it, we use food as a tool for managing our children’s lives. We want to stop our baby from crying, so we reach for a bottle. The day starts with a quick bowl of cereal for the kids before getting them off to school, which by the way, is where vending machines are available with unhealthy snacks. We feel compelled to make our children happy by giving them tasty snacks with their lunch. We need to heat up quick and easy frozen meals before we get to the next sporting practice.

Is Butter the Real Killer?

Is butter better?

For years, butter has been a huge “no, no” with replacements of margarine, half butter half margarine products, and other replacement spreads. Articles are now popping up that butter may not be as unhealthy as we have been told.

Information such as this is frustrating and confusing for consumers. Doctors, nutritionists, food companies, and news reports have been pounding information into us that butter should be taken out of our diets. This has been a similar controversy with eggs and coffee.


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