Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Expert

These are astonishing numbers which continue to grow year after year!
Make Type 2 Diabetes a thing of the past by learning the steps to reverse the effects of this deadly disease.

29 Million Americans Live with Diabetes

Living with diabetes is not your only option. Improving or possibly reversing your diabetes is easier than you think with great tasting foods. Learn the power foods that can save your life.

86 Million More are Pre-Diabetic

There is no good reason to advance to diabetes. With the proper knowledge, you can choose to improve or even reverse your pre-diabetes.

73 Thousand are Diabetes Related Amputees

Poorly managed diabetes can lead to amputation of toes, legs and even fingers. In some cases, multiple amputation surgeries are required. Complications after amputation can include heart attack, blood clots, slow wound healing, pneumonia, phantom limb pain and depression. Why risk it?

*My Story...

What do you have to lose? I lost diabetes!

I was a diabetic who was angered being burdened with diabetes.

I was tired of taking medications and four insulin shots per day that did NOT make me feel better.

The food I was taught to eat as a diabetic was not bringing me to a state of optimal health.

It was keeping me medicated and constantly visiting Walgreen's, Diabetes Educators and the doctors.__

*Individual results may vary.

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    Informative and Very Impressive

  • "This has helped me to improve my A1c results through recipes. I have lost some weight considering that I'm not heavy to start with. It is easier...

    a good shoulder to cry on

  • *"Before I began to work with Denise I had lost some weight but my blood glucose numbers were not improving.

    Within two weeks I began to see an immediate weight loss and the blood glucose

  • *“I eliminated neuropathy and lowered my A1c by 2 points in weeks!”
    I would recommend Denise! The information I have received will help me...

    Lowered my A1c by 2 points in weeks!

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